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"In Just 5 Minutes I'm Going To Teach You A Revolutionary Way To Lose Weight, Which On Average Provides A Whopping 18LB (8KG) Or Fat Loss In Just 8 Weeks, All While Enjoying The Foods They Love Every Night! Just Checkout The Transformation Photos Below..."
The Lazy Man’s Way To Lose Weight… 
Written on January 14th, 2018
I remember that some time ago when I was reading an e-mail from a client my jaw dropped... A few weeks after buying my guide, Simon wrote to me:

"You know what Charles... at first I was very skeptical about your UltraFasting Diet because it is quite controversial. But now I know that it is the fastest, healthiest and the most pleasant way to lose unnecessary kilograms."

I thought he was joking. I remember that this guy during our conversation had a terribly negative attitude towards my nutrition concepts. In addition, he looked like one who thinks about losing weight as the last thing on earth. Well... I always try to help everyone, regardless of his attitude, level of motivation or faith in my method. 
After all, I wrote my latest UltraFasting Diet guide for people like him. 

Those who want to lose weight but are struggling with lack of time, motivation or do not have enough money for expensive nutrients and sophisticated diets. 


Reading his e-mail, I found out that it was worth it. 

That my short guide allowed Simon to lose 20 Pounds pure belly fat in just 8 weeks! Amazing! 
Further in the email he wrote:

"Generally, my gym buddy read your short guide in front of me. Matthew is a busy guy with two children and a full-time job, but he does quick workouts 2-3 times a week. And you know what?  He melted OFF 5 inches around his belly, waist and stoped the night snacking in LESS than a month... He called the guide a BREAKTHROUGH despite his experience."

It's even more unbelievable. I wrote my guide with people in mind who do not have time for diet and exercise... 

I did not think that someone advanced would want to use it. Not to mention such fast effects!

Why do i Share this with you?
From today you are on my personal mailing list and I think that this personal message may also inspire you to fulfill your dreams of gaining a better body. 

I want to help you and all the Real People, save time, money, energy, and above all, free you from disappointments and negative emotions resulting from the lack of sufficient results. Because it is these results that prove if you're doing something right.
Remember, everything is possible!
Have you ever wondered why only some people have incredibly fast effects in losing weight?!
What makes one lose unnecessary kilos and others, despite their drastic diet and regular training still do not have satisfactory results?

What if I told you that there are methods that will allow you to lose weight very quickly and effectively everyday? And that you can start to discover them in a moment, gaining secret knowledge and thus becoming a fat burning machine.
If you are not ready to completely change your beliefs and prefer to continue to believe that dieting must be difficult and cumbersome, stop reading this text immediately!

You must be aware that sometimes it's better not to know about certain things.

Perhaps I shouldn't even reveal this secret, but I do believe that you will use it with caution.

Are you still reading? In that case, you don't even have a bit of decency, you want to stuff yourself with pizza while sipping beer and lose weight, OR the usual curiosity pushed you to read on:
How do you lose weight without any effort, enjoying your favorite Foods?
Is it possible at all?
Hi, my name is Charles Power.
I am 25 years old and I'm a professional personal trainer, sports nutritionist, mental trainer and the creator of the UltraFasting Diet.

Despite My Young Age, I Have Managed To Completely Transform My Body (Adding 80+ Pounds Myself).

What Brings Me The Most Satisfaction In Life Is Helping Real People Achieve Real Results.
For the last few years I have been training professional athletes, special forces, police officers, actors, entrepreneurs and, above all, hundreds of normal people.

Working close to 365 days a year for 12 hours a day with clients, experimenting with my body for many years, learning and working with the best trainers and nutritionists in the world, I discovered the SECRET to determining effective weight loss.

On the basis of this secret I developed a diet program that allows you to constantly get rid of body fat, gain lean muscles and all this WITHOUT REFUSING your favorite pizza or ice cream!

I do not know if you realize that when eating such meals...You can have such effects...
Introducing The Simplest, Fastest And Most Enjoyable Approach To Burn Body Fat, Improve Quality Of Life, Enjoy More Free Time & Your Favorite Foods By Training Only 3 Hours A Week...
Regular Price $54
Todays Price $27
Let me share with you some of the amazing secrets and unknown techniques, which I present in the full version of the guide - The UltraFasting Diet, or "The TRUE science of losing weight, the SECRET, which allows you to eat pizzas and ice cream while effectively lose weight!"
Inside Of This Short Guide, Here Are A Few Of The Secrets That You'll Discover:
  • 8 Proven Science Based Advantages of The UltraFasting Diet 
  • Why Dinner is the Most Important Meal of the day.
  • What Types of Food Are There and How Do You Make the Right Choices.
  • A List of the Best Sources of Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats.
  • The Best Muscle Building & Recovery Dinner Recipes.
  • What the best Recovery Supplements Before Bed are.
  • A Healthy Morning Routine for Weight Loss & High Brain Performance.
  • What the Most Effective Fat Burning & Energy Supplements in the Morning are.
  • What’s Best to Eat for Breakfast to Build Lean Muscles and Burn Body Fat.
  • The Best Fat Burning Breakfast Recipes.
  • The Best Muscle Building Breakfast Recipes.
  • What’s Best to Eat for Lunch to Enjoy the Feeling of a "Light Belly".
  • The Best Flat Belly Lunch Recipes.
  • The Complete Meal Plans for Lean Muscles & Fat Loss.
  • The Rules for Eating Cheat Meals.
  • Charles' Get Ripped Nutrition Rules.
  • Pre-workout Supplements for Fat Burning & High Performance.
  • Intra-workout Supplements for Energy & Strength.
  • Post-workout Supplements for Muscle Soreness & Recovery.
  • A Complete Daily Supplements Plan for Lean Muscles & Fat Loss.
  • A Supplements Plan on a Budget.
  • Cardio - Why is Cardio not Necessary to Get Rid of Unwanted Pounds and Burn Body Fat.
  • And So Much More...
The techniques mentioned above are just a drop in the ocean of what you will experience by reading the UltraFasting Diet.

That should give you enough details to get a general idea about the importance of the secrets and the effectiveness of the short guide. 

There are still a lot of things that you will discover by yourself when reading and using the materials. I will write more about the next secret techniques later.
Get All This for a one-time money back guaranteed price, without any hidden costs or recurring payments!
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Check Out What Others Are Already Saying About The UltraFasting Diet
Simon Used The UltraFasting Diet & Lost 20 Pounds Pure Belly Fat In 8 Weeks WITHOUT CARDIO!
Simon Z.
22 Yr Old, Student 
"Before I became acquainted with Charles's methods, I had a completely unmanly body and a ton of insecurities that ruined my life

I was constantly hungry, ETERNALLY. Because of this I could not get myself nor my body in order. And the gym? 

It only reminds me of suffering and pointless effort...

Charles, well his UltraFasting Diet really, changed everything! 

The diet he recommends brings miracles - you eat great things and you are full. 

Combined with workouts that are effective and don't necessarily mean endless hours in the gym- it brings amazing effects

Not only do I see the progress in the transformation of my body, I have also gained confidence!"
“I burned 5.5 inches from my sides in 8 weeks and it was done without cardio!"
Get UltraFasting Diet Now for just $27!
Matthew Melted OFF 5 Inches Around His Belly, Waist & Stoped The Night Snacking In LESS Than A Month Using The UltraFasting Diet
Matthew J.
34 Yr Old, Entrepreneur & Parent
"Since I remember, the word "diet " has made me feel physically disgusted... much the same as the word "gym ".

I've always associated it with pain, then with tears for endless hours. 

And of course no effects.

Charles' program made me warm up to diet and the gym :) 

The diet is perfect - I eat what I love, I'm FULL (I don't snack!), as for the gym - short, intense workouts, only 45 minutes

And most importantly - I see the effects!!"
“I lost 5 inches from the waist in just 8 weeks... And not even once I was hungry...”
Get UltraFasting Diet Now for just $27!
Greg Used The UltraFasting DietTo Get In The BEST Shape Of His Life At Age 43
Greg K.
43 Yr Old, Superintendent & Parent 
"Above all Charles changed my diet completely. Until now I was sure that I was eating properly - according to the dietary guidelines for athletes. Well, unfortunately, it turned out that I was wrong. 

Charles overturned my dietetic world upside down. The same was with training. Me, the old gym guy, felt like a novice.

The training from Charles is based (as he explained to me) on science. Strength training effectively lasts as much as 45 minutes during an hour in the gym.

So I shortened my workout time twice - and it turned out to be the perfect solution. I began to lose centimeters along my waist without spending hundreds of hours on treadmills and aerobic training.

“The results: after 12 weeks I have lost 5.5 inches along my waist, and my chest has not decreased, just like my shoulders."
Get UltraFasting Diet Now for just $27!
Kamil Used The UltraFasting Diet & Get Completely Shredded For His First Competition
Kamil M.
24 Yr Old, Personal Trainer & Writer
"I love training and I am devoted to it. But the effect - it simply isn't the one I've been dreaming about. 

I was eating very regularly and as a "bodybuilder", you know: chicken with rice, chicken with rice, chicken with rice... constantly. Up to the point of exaggeration. I had enough, despite my sacrifice and strong will...

I felt totally exhausted and exhausted, all the more so since I could not skip a certain level. Just my development stopped.

The solution for me was Charles' UltraFasting Diet. 

Thanks to him, I finally have some variety - and above all - I see the effects! I do not have to strictly follow the eating patterns, finally I eat something other than chicken with rice for dinner. I eat what I like. A total change!"
“Finally, I look the way I want. I'm at the peak, just before I enter a competition. Everything is in its place and for the first time I feel that what I do brings better results every day."
Get UltraFasting Diet Now for just $27!
Are you wondering why I'm revealing my secret to you?
I was frustrated by the lack of results during the first years of my training and I'm pretty sure I know how you feel when reading these words.

Very many readers praised my methods as easy and practical to use, so I decided to write down the most valuable ones and share this secret knowledge with you, in order to save you time, money, energy and, above all, free you from disappointments and negative emotions stemming from the lack of sufficient results.

Who Is This Program For?
  • For everyone who lacks the time to see to their diet and regular training.
  • For anyone who is struggling with ineffective diets, bad eating habits and addictive behavior (such as smoking cigarettes).
  • For anyone who wants to get long-term results in getting rid of unnecessary kilograms.
  • For anyone who wants to live a healthy life and consciously improve the quality of their lives.
  • For anyone who wants to acheive a long-lasting work-life balance in their lives.
  • For anyone who wants to gain more free time for themselves and their close ones.
How It Works & What You Get 
The Ultrafast Fasting Diet is based on the ADVANCED NUTRITION STRATEGIES delivered in a SIMPLE and UNDERSTANDABLE WAY. That's why it's so effective.

How Do I Know The Program Works?
Over the years I have worked with different people with different types of bodies, and each one - with my help - has achieved the intended results. 

My training methods, based on current scientific research, guarantee fast results in changing body builds.
How It Works & What You Get
The UltraFasting Diet provides every single tool you could possibly need to burn fat and is based on the ADVANCED NUTRITION STRATEGIES DELIVERED in a SIMPLE and UNDERSTANDABLE WAY - that's why it's so effective.
You will burn more body fat 
& speed up the growth of lean muscle.
You Will Speed Up Your Metabolism/Converting Carbohydrates - UP TP 200%!
Feelings of Fatigue, Drowsiness and Low Energy Levels During the Day- THESE WILL DISAPPEAR!
Properly Nourished Muscles at Their Best Moment (When They Need It).
Monthly Workout Plan to Get Amazing Results in 45 Minutes
Maintaining Metabolism at High Turnover Due to Differentiated Caloric Intake.
Refeeds to Boost Your Metabolism & Stop Binge Eating.
Scientific Supplements Plan to Improve Health, Fat Loss & Hormones.
Tailored Meal Plan Your and your Entire Family Will LOVE!
1:1 Help from Charles Himself Every Day to Tailor the Plan.
Easy, Done-For-You Plan to Follow – Jump Straight in & Start today!
Full Results Back Guarantee, No Risk – Just Results!
This is something more than just an introduction to my program. This simple yet effective science-based guide will show you WHAT TO EAT AND WHEN TO EAT IT in order to burn fat tissue throughout the day, maintain a high level of energy, feel great and at the same time enjoy eating your favorite dishes (including ice cream & pizza!). 

No more slow progress or stalled results, it gives you an EXACT blueprint to continually lose fat without any road blocks.
Learn about the detailed four week training plan, ensuring immediate fat loss, especially in the stubborn areas (including your belly, sides and chest); accelerating your metabolism, programming your body to burn fat up to 72 hours in advance! 

Each workout will be thoroughly described: the muscle parts that are trained on that day, the number of series, repetitions, pace, training techniques and the amount of rest.
  • No guesswork whatsoever so that you can start right away…
  •  Download these workout logs onto your phone or print them out.
  •  You’ll know EXACTLY what your workouts are, exercises, sets, reps, rest periods.
  •  Track your workouts to keep yourself honest and accountable and motivated by your progress for maximum results.
  •  You’ll never go to the gym aimlessly again. Get in. Get out. Get it done.
You will have access to over 100 videos in the highest possible HD quality, presenting every exercise included in the program (and in fact we have even more of these videos). 

In this lecture, you'll learn the exercises to perform in the gym to burn belly fat and add lean muscle.

In addition, each exercise will be presented with tips on how to properly carry the exercise out and what to do to make it as effective as possible.
A full FAQ answering any questions you may have and ensuring every aspect of your programming is on point for fat loss.
Plus, You’ll Receive These Special Bonuses
I want to make sure that you have absolutely everything you need for a real fat-loss transformation.

That’s why I wanted to include a few special bonuses to set you up for absolutely success!
This means you won’t waste any extra work or time with complicated and confusing formulas and, instead, you can put your efforts directly into following the plan so you build the body you’ve always wanted.
A monthly set of 30 minutes full body workouts to do at home without equipment.

These workouts will help you save time while also burning a TON of calories! 

They, will help you metabolize carbohydrates better - this means you will store less fat from carbs, you can utilize them better for performance and have more flexibility in your diet.
A monthly set of 30 minutes circuit workouts. 

These scientifically proven high intensity interval workouts signal your body to release large amounts of fat burning hormones: growth hormone, ephedrine, and norepinephrine and boost your metabolism for up to 72 hours post workout!!! (proven in studies). 

It has been scientifically proven that circuit workouts are 10 times more effective than cardio. 10 mins of training circuits equals 60 minutes of cardio training. 

DECIDE for yourself whether you prefer to train 10 or 60 minutes.
Here, we'll be diving into the exact strategies that make gaining strength and muscle while staying lean effortless.

You'll learn WHAT, HOW MUCH and HOW OFTEN you can eat out and enjoy your favorite meals, still lose body fat and make progress in the gym.
(this is a digital download and no physical product will be shipped)
Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee: You Will Lose 7 Lbs In 30 Days, Or I'll Give You Your MONEY BACK!
UltraFasting Diet comes with a 100% money-back guarantee… 

But I don’t stop there because I take your results very seriously, and you have my personal promise that I will not rest until you lose 7 lbs in 30 days!

Simple, right? I will not write with explanations, but I will give you what is most important. 
By applying my program 100% you will lose at least 7 LBS of fat in just 30 days. It's more than certain. 

How do I know? 

Because the efficiency of my clients is 100%, and I checked it on a huge number of people. 

I will say it again: I, Charles Power, GUARANTEE that you will lose a least 7 LBS of fat in 30 days using the UltraFasting Diet, otherwise I will pay you back the money you had spent on the program.

Sound fair?
This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Copy Now Before They're All Gone... 
Famed Polish Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist & Creator Of UltraFasting Diet 
Thanks For Taking The Time To Read This Letter And I Look Forward To Hearing From You Soon!

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here's the deal:

I'm mailing you "The UltraFasting Diet The Short Version (Pocket Guide) - How To Effortlessly And Radically Lose Weight, Enjoying Your Favorite Meals." for $7. 

There's not catch... no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" to some monthly program or anything like that.
If fact, if you don't love the guide - I'll even refund your shipping costs (and you don't have to ship the book back.

So, Click the button below to get your FREE copy now. You won't regret it.
(this is a digital download and no physical product will be shipped)
About Charles Power
Famed Polish Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist & Creator Of UltraFasting Diet 
Charles Power is a Professional Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, the Author of many books and training programs in the diet and fitness industry. 

He works with "REAL PEOPLE" everyday and helps them achieve REAL RESULTS.

"That is what brings me the greatest joy in life. This is the highest value. Why? Because it is much easier to transform your body when you live from being fit when it is your profession.

Because of this a what is much more challenging is to create a program that helps REAL PEOPLE ACHEIVE REAL RESULTS.

People who work on a daily basis, raise their children, study, and have little time left for their workouts and diet. 

This is my goal, my mission and my passion:
Questions? Here Are Your Answers...
What Is Ultrafast Fasting And Why Is It More Effective Than Other Diets?
UltraFasting is a revolutionary diet designed specifically for my busy clients, who have no time for standard diets and regular workouts.
The UF diet will not be a problem for you any longer. It will not be untasty and time-consuming. On the contrary, you will get much more free time for yourself and your loved ones, you will be able to enjoy 3 big and tasty meals during the day and you will no longer have to refuse your favorite pizza, ice cream or a drink with your circle of friends.
How Quickly Do I See Results?
The first results in weight loss and fat tissue level are visible after 10 days of applying the program. After 4 weeks your body will undergo a real transformation, you will lose unnecessary fat, you will gain a lot more energy and a better overall mood. 
Will I Have The Jojo Effect?
Absolutely not! UltraFasting is designed to provide you with effective, long-term fat burning without increasing your appetite (unlike other diets).
Can I Follow UF If I Need To Lose Fat?
Yes. of course. This is the purpose of the program.
Who Is This Product Recommended For? And What Does It Give Me?
The product is mainly aimed at men aged 17-55 years.
It ensures that your metabolism speeds up, it lowers blood sugar levels, improves the functioning of the body's hormonal system, which is responsible for burning fat, and it increases the level of natural testosterone.
I'm a Complete Beginner And Wondering If I Should Try This Program?
Yes. This product is a great solution for beginners because it is very easy to understand and use.
Do I Get a Training Plan With The Diet?
Yes. You will get a complete training plan for the entire month. Each workout will be thoroughly described: the muscle parts that are trained on that day, the number of series, repetitions, pace, training techniques and the amount of rest.
In addition, each exercise will be presented on a video recording, along with tips on how to properly carry the exercise out and what to do to make it as effective as possible.
Can UltraFasting Be Used Without Exercise?
Of course it can. Many of my clients use UF without exercise and have great results. However, when combined with training, even twice a week, UF ensures instant fat burning.
Do I have To Take Many Supplements?
No. The program suggests basic supplements (2-3 products) which will speed up your recovery and effects.
For more advanced people, I also included a supplement protocol developed to maximize individual goals.
For example: muscle pump; endurance; improving sleep patterns etc..
What If The Program Doesn't Work For Me?
The program will work for you. This is more than certain. How do I know? Because the efficiency amongst my clients is 100%, and I checked it out on a huge number of people.

If you continue to doubt the program, then I have prepared a special guarantee:
I GUARANTEE that you will lose at least 7 LBS fat in 30 days using the Ultrafast Fasting Diet, otherwise I will give you back the money you spent on the program.
Do I Get Any Support?
Yes, but most of it is already built into the transformation manual! The program is built to be self sustaining, I spend months developing everything in the plan so it is easy to follow and can be tailored to you. Throughout the transformation manual you will notice I try and teach you how to tailor aspects of the plan based on YOUR body. If you feel something is missing or confusing, please contact me and I’ll do my best to help!
Is UltraFasting Downloadable Or Shipped To My House?
It is available by download only, and after your order is complete, you can transfer everything from my website to your computer. It's brain-dead easy and I'll show you how, in case you're not great with computers!
 I don’t Live In The USA, Can I Still Join The program?
For sure, as said above, we have 100’s of members from around the world!
(this is a digital download and no physical product will be shipped)
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Your results may vary. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

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