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Charles Power

Charles Power

Author, Professional Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist
Charles Power is a Professional Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, the Author of many books and training programs in the diet and fitness industry. He works with "real people" everyday and helps them achieve real results.

"That is what brings me the greatest joy in life. This is the highest value. Why?
Because it is much easier to transform your body when you live from being fit when it is your profession.

Because of this a what is much more challenging is to create a program that helps REAL PEOPLE ACHEIVE REAL RESULTS.

People who work on a daily basis, raise their children, study, and have little time left for their workouts and diet. This is my goal, my mission and my passion.

Why Should You Choose Charles?

“An inceasing desire for personal development – this sentence defines my approach to my professional life. I want to know more, experience more so that I can give more to my clients and more to myself. “

A bunch of hard arguments that what you read is not just empty words:

June 2017

  • Special Mastery Lecture – Advanced Exercise Mechanics – RTS (London, UK)

June 2017

  • A Resistance Training Specialist – Lower Extremity (London, UK)

December 2016

  • A Resistance Training Specialist – Upper Extremity (London, UK)

June 20016 

  • A Resistance Training Specialist – Spine / Trunk (London, UK)

June 2016

  • Hypertrophy Camp MI40 (Tampa Bay, USA)

June 2016

  • A nutritionist for the physically active graduated with honors (Higher Studies) (PL)

January 2016

  • Sarcoplasmic Stimulation Training (PL)

September 2015 – 2014

  • Reebok Cross Training (PL)
  • Reebok Final Cuts (PL)
  • Personal Trainer (PL)
  • Bodybuilding & Fitness Instructor¬†(PL)
  • and many more…

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