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21 September 2017 / Training

“Why do I have to lower the bar so slowly???!!!” – a client once asked when I told him to lower the bar for 4 seconds during the bench press.

You’ll soon find out why;)

Champ, if you want to build big and strong muscles, you have to maximize the TIME UNDER TENSION!

“What the hell is that?!” – you ask.

TUT (time under tension) is the time in which the muscle stays under tension. If during the bench press you lower the bar too low – the work will be taken over by the front shoulder, if you push the bar too hard forward – the triceps will take over the work.

In both cases, the chest work is minimized in favor of the shoulder or triceps = TUT is minimized.

In order to maximize the TUT, we have to keep the muscle under tension for as long as possible!

And why should I maximize TUT?


Recent studies show that in order to maximize the hypertrophic response of a given muscle, the series should last 45-90 seconds.

If your sets are shorter than 45 seconds, you most likely train to build strength. If they are longer, you train endurance.

And here the key is the mysterious 4022!

What does 4022 mean?

4 seconds is the eccentric portion or the negative
0 second is the bottom portion in a stretched position
2 seconds is the concentric or lifting portion
2 seconds is the contracted position

Why such a pace?

It’s actually been proven that there is a different hormonal response from the concentric portion of a rep when compared to the eccentric phase.

Slower eccentric causes more muscle damage, the faster concentric causes more lactic acid build-up. So they have different metabolic responses. It’s important to use this knowledge to our advantage.

4 seconds is lowering the barbell down
0 second is a pause at the bottom of the rep
2 seconds is lifting the barbell up
2 seconds is the isometric contraction at the top

Bro! I hope I’ve caught your interest with this article.




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