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22 September 2017 / Training


It’s time to finally explain. And most importantly – uncover the secret of powerful arms!

In order.

Every muscle in our body has a force curve, and it looks like a typical bell curve.

This means that the muscle is the strongest in the middle of the curve, and the weakest at its end – the extreme points – the positions in which the muscle is maximally stretched or tensed.


If it’s your goal to maximize the overload of a particular muscle, then you should focus on attacking it’s weakest points – working on this will be a challenge, but it will make it stronger and bigger!

Today I will present a workout that will allow you to present the biceps in it’s weakest positions.


This will be a real challenge! But the reward will be great – powerful arms, getting stronger and bigger with each workout!

Almost forgot – at the end, I added something special, read carefully!


We start with the activation of the biceps – you sit on the knees, set your hand almost as if you wanted to do a high cable curl.


In this position, you flex your biceps to the max for 8 seconds. Each hand 2 times.

Ok. The biceps is pre-activated, so now we go to the exercise that will complete its activation, make you feel the “biceps peak” and put the biceps in the maximum flex position (first points on the force curve).

How are your arms? Swelling? Do you feel the pulsation and burning?

This is just the warm-up…

Another exercise will be the bending of the arms with the dumbells with the supination of the wrists or hammers curl – we attack the biceps in the maximum stretched position and, in addition, use its next function – wrist supination, resulting in the involvement of more fibers.


It’s not over yet! In the 4th series, we add the drop set!

So – the series with load reduction which increases the activation of the nervous system as well as enormous muscle pump!

What gives this pump? An incredible infusion of nutrients into the muscles!


How are your hands Champ? Are you still able to bend them?

If you still have some strength, we will kill the biceps in its strongest position – centered on the strength curve.


Time Variable Circuit! What a grind 🙂

We will use it in the exercise – flexing the arms with a barbell.

What does it consist of?

Below is an exact diagram of how it should be executed and a video of how to perform it correctly.

Start doing maximum amount of reps with the exercise you picked and then follow up the workout plan below:

Set 1 – AMRAP, Rest 60 seconds

Set 2 – AMRAP, Rest 45 seconds

Set 3 – AMRAP, Rest 30 seconds

Set 4 – AMRAP, Rest 15 seconds

Set 5 – AMRAP, Rest 5 seconds

Set 6 – AMRAP, Rest 15 seconds

Set 7 – AMRAP, Rest 30 seconds

Set 8 – AMRAP, Rest 45 seconds

Set 9 – AMRAP, Rest 60 seconds

Set 10 – AMRAP


AMRAP* – as many reps as possible


Don’t wait – start getting amazing results now.

Charles Power

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