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How to burn fat without boring cardio – Strength Circuits

3 April 2016 / Training
How to burn fat without boring cardio – Strength Circuits

Most of you are wondering right now how to burn fat without cardio and it’s really possible?

If our goal is to burn fat or recomp, we need to up-regulate metabolism, stress the body with physical Exertion, do something it’s not accustomed to, improve insulin sensitivity and glucose uptake.

Unfortunately normal cardio (SSC) like a treadmill or elliptical,  only burn calories when we are doing this.
As soon as we finish the cardio burning ends …

I have the solution for this!

Strength Circuits!  Heavy weights, short rest periods, 4 exercises and specific number of sets and reps.


A1: Squats
A2: pull-ups
A3: Stiff-legged deadlift
A4: Bench Press

Try use max weight for 15 reps, as soon you finish exercise A1, rest 45 seconds and move to exercise A2, then A3 and A4 till you get 75 reps in each exercise you done!

Strength Circuits are heavy, demanding strength workout.

It will help you burn fat, speed up metabolism, you will gain a stronger core and involve the most important muscle groups in order to maximize the potential of burning calories.

Go and try it yourself. Let me know how it works …

Charles Power

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