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Highly Effective Chest Workout (JACKED!)

21 January 2017 / Training
Highly Effective Chest Workout (JACKED!)

If you want to build a BIG and JACKED chest you have to do an effective chest workout! Sounds simple enough, but unfortunately, most workout routines for the chest miss the mark.

They either pick the wrong chest exercises or don’t put them together in the right sequence to build a bigger chest most effectively.

Today I have prepared for you a Highly Effective Chest Workout (JACKED!)
The program involves all the factors affecting the hypertrophy (growth) – muscle damage, metabolic stress, pump.

Get ready!

#Activation set/s – cable flyes (big step backwards) sets – ASAYN*, 12-10 repetitions (* as many as you need), 30 sec rest.


Exercise #2 Barbell bench press 5 sets, 8-6 repetitions + dropset, 180 sec rest.


Exercise #3 Incline dumbbell flyes (with foam roller) 4 sets, 15-12 repetitions, 30 sec rest.


Thanks for reading and be sure to share this chest workout with at least one of your gym buddies!

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