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A 60 second trick to burn more body fat during the day! [nutrition]

21 September 2017 / Training
A 60 second trick to burn more body fat during the day! [nutrition]

Are you ready to attack the day in full swing?! From the very morning? Sure you are!

Thanks to this, I guarantee you the better destruction of unwanted fat that spoils your body!

Ok. Listen. Regardless of whether you are energetic in the morning, or if you can’t get out of bed, I will make you feel better and make you burn more fat throughout the day with my 60-second trick!

How do you do it?

Really you need 3 things:

– Coffee
– Whey protein
– Coconut oil

These 3 ingredients make up my favorite morning meal – breakfast or my pre-workout meal.

I call it Bulletproof Coffee.

BC is really quick to prepare, tasty, and above all it gives a huge kick of energy and does not raise your sugar levels, thus helping to burn fat effectively!

Grab the recipe!


– Contains a large amount of easily assimilable protein
– Contains super fast acting MCT fats, which will give you energy even for the next 5h
– Increases body thermogenesis
– Accelerates fat burning
– Accelerates metabolism

Champ! BULLETPROOF COFFEE is just the beginning of my ways to gain energy and much more!

I have a whole package of Hypercharged Breakfasts for you that not only helps you burn fat, but also supports building pure muscle and programs neurotransmitters for the day.

Thanks to this you will gain a lot more energy, better concentration, and strength!


Start maximizing your effects, change your habits and do not waste a second in the gym!

Keep Growing Bro!

Charles Power

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