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6 Reasons Why You Don’t Look Like You Lift

3 April 2016 / Training
6 Reasons Why You Don’t Look Like You Lift

Have you ever heard from someone that you don’t look like you lift?


1. You’re spending too much time in the gym.

Try thinking of your gym time as a sandglass. As you enter the gym, you cut a small hole in your ability to train and the sand starts pouring out. When the sandglass is empty, you have nothing left.
The optimal time for a workout is 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the body part being trained. In that amount of time, you’ll experience optimal release of natural testosterone, growth hormone, and IGF (insulin-like growth factor).
These hormones aid in recovery and help us to get stronger, fitter, burn more body fat, and make training progress. After 60 minutes, our bodies produce too much cortisol—the stress hormone— causing damage our muscles.

2. Your workout routine isn’t effective.

It’s vital that whatever workout program you’re doing, you commit to starting and finishing it. If you have a problem with your workout routine, hire a personal trainer. He or she will help you to achieve optimal results in a shorter period of time.

Free-weight exercises like pressing, rowing, squats, and deadlifts are basic movements. By performing these exercises correctly, we involve the whole body and all the big muscle groups, resulting in more body fat being burned.
Next time, skip the machines, head to a flat bench, and pick up some dumb bells or a barbell.

4. Your diet is getting in the way of your training progress. 

You can’t gain strength, muscle mass, and burn fat without proper nutrition. Just as a car can’t run without fuel, your training can’t progress without a good diet. A personal trainer can help by designing the proper nutrition plan for each individual according to their training goals.

5. You’re wasting your rest periods.

Taking too long a break between sets impairs muscle hypertrophy. Rather than spending time talking or sitting around between sets, try concentrating on contracting/squeezing the muscle you’re working. This will give you a good pump and help further stimulate muscle growth.

6. You don’t care about recovery and sleep process.

Remember, you don’t grow at the gym! You grow during regeneration.
The recovery process starts when
you rest, eat well and sleep. Less stress, more positive thinking!



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