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5 Reasons Why Fat Is Our Friend

3 April 2016 / Training
5 Reasons Why Fat Is Our Friend

Why is fat our friend?

When I touch this subject with my clients they look at me shocked. Fat is our friend, they ask? Of course, it is, but only good quality fats, such as those in beef, coconut oil, nuts, eggs and real butter.
Still, people tend to believe that animal fat is very dangerous for cardio, vascular diseases, causes cancer and is charged with atoms of hydrogen and carbon.
In fact, the same amount of hydrogen and carbon you can find in plants, humans and the rest of the planet.

Here are 5 reasons why fat is our friend:

  1. Fats regulate our appetite, cause a feeling of satiety (very important during the cutting phase – reduction of adipose tissue)
  2. Fats provide long-term energy supply, unlike carbohydrates which digest faster.
  3. It does not cause the spike of insulin and keep the same level of sugar in the bloodstream. (What does not cause fatigue and sleepiness).
  4. It is essential for the absorption of vitamins (A, D, E, K), which are essential to the human body.
  5. If your diet is rich in fats, you really don’t have to say no to peanut butter that everyone loves!

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Charles Power

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