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1 Trick That Will Allow You to Gain Twice the Muscles and Strength!

21 September 2017 / Training
1 Trick That Will Allow You to Gain Twice the Muscles and Strength!

Hey Champ! I hope that the hypercharged muscle growth has come into your life!

I have one trick for you today that will give you twice as much muscle and strength!

How is it possible?

I’m sure you like carbohydrates right?

Especially in the form of your favorite meals … Hmm… who doesn’t … 🙂

What do you think about carbohydrates at night?

Yes – you heard me!

Carbohydrates at night (so that, what you’ve been banned so far) will help you build muscle mass and power.

That sounds too good! But it’s possible!

I do not know if you’ve heard what huge anabolic power carbohydrates have.

Buddy, if you want to gain extra kilos of muscle mass, try to eat supper consisting of protein, carbohydrates and of course vegetables.

I’m going to bet that in the next 10 weeks you’ll gain 10 lbs of pure muscle mass!

However, gaining muscle mass is not the only benefit of adding carbs to your supper.


– Lowering the level of cortisol (stress hormone)
– Night glycogen resynthesis
– Accelerated thyroid function
– Regeneration of the nervous system
– Improves the quality and depth of sleep
– Increased production of the growth hormone
– Boosts metabolism and regenerate the whole body

Suggested examples for dinner meals:

– White/sweet potatoes with beef and veggies
– Jasmin rice with chicken and veggies
– Oatmeal with maple syrup and protein powder


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